Pastor and Pastor's Secretary

John and Lisa Koonce

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Pastor and Sis. Koonce have been leading our assembly since May 1994. Bro. Koonce served as Associate Pastor from 1980 to 1992. Served as interim Pastor 1992-94. He is the son of Bishop Bob Koonce and the late Sis. Eileen Koonce. Sis.Lisa Koonce is the daughter of the late Marlon Nunamaker and Sis. Peggy Schiller of Gibson City.

Bro. and Sis. Koonce were married Nov. 8, 1986 and have 4 incredible children; Tina (Aaron Sparling), Bethanne (Scott Hedding), John (Courtney) and Gail (David Crouch). They are also the proud grandparents of Logan Alexander Sparling, Bryce Allen Sparling, Trevor Andrew Sparling, Amanda Marie Hedding, Carter Joseph Crouch, Mackenzie Anne Crouch and Elijah David Jonathon Hedding. Needless to say Pastor and Sis. Lisa are proud and happy for God's blessings in their family.

Jesus wonderfully filled Pastor Koonce with the Holy Ghost in 1970. He was baptized in the lovely name of Jesus the same year. He served as Sunday school teacher of the Jr. and teen classes, as Youth leader for many years, as van driver with bus routes in Gibson City, Forrest and Fisher, IL and as Sunday school supt. and Associate Pastor for 14 years before being voted in as Pastor.

Sis. Lisa was baptized in Champaign in 1979 and filled with the Holy Ghost in GC in 1982. She serves as Sunday school superintendant, Ladies Aux. leader, as well as the many duties she performs as Church Pastor's secretary. She truly is a jewel of all trades as so many of our members require so much assistance from her. Sis. Lisa is an amazing organizer and the ladies of the Church adore her. We have a wonderful ladies group.  

All of their children have been baptized in Jesus name and all have received the Holy Ghost.

Assistant Pastor

Kevin Cadman

Rev.  Kevin Cadman serves the GCPC in the position of Assistant Pastor. He serves as preaching minister. He has served faithfully in many capacities, most recently that of the church youth Pastor. He is the father of 2 daughters, Renae and Megan and the husband of the former Cindy Murry. We deeply appreciate having a dedicated man of Bro. Kevin Cadman's stature and devotion to serve in this position.

Pastor's Associate

Billy Bates

Bro. Bates and his wonderfu wife, Sis. Diana, have been with us since 2013 and have assisted as teachers, visitation, and preaching. This fine couple have been invalualbe since their arrival and we are so thankful for their burden for the work and desire to be a blessing.


Gayla May

Gayla has been an important part of GCPC for many years. Very few people are as diligent concerning the work of God as Sis. May. She is the wife of Dave, mother of Chris, Mekisha and Leigha. She has 5 grandhildren. Gayla is the Executive Director for HUD in Ford County, Illinois. No one loves the Lord more than Sis. Gayla. We are so blessed to have such a qualified person serving our congregation as Gayla does.

Founding Pastor

Bishop B. E. Koonce

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Bishop  Koonce founded the Gibson City Pentecostal Church (then known as the United Pentecostal Church) in July 1963 with his wife of 60 years, Eileen 'Ingram' Koonce.  Bro. Koonce faithfully served as its first Pastor from 1963 to 1994. Bishop Koonce nows serves as teacher, leader and advisor to the church.  They had 6 children and many grandchildren and great- grandchildren. Sis. Koonce passed away Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013.  Dr. Koonce later married Violet Pratt in 2014. She passed away October 25 2016.  Bro. Koonce is one of Pentecost's finest teachers and oganizers. We are so blessed to have his service to GCPC.

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