Letīs Talk About Our Neighbors

Let’s talk about out neighbors,
Talk of them where’er we go,
Talk about our friend and brother,
And of everyone we know,
Let us talk about our kindred,
Spread the news both near and far,
Til the whole town hears the story,
Of what splendid folks they are.

Let us talk about our neighbors;
Of the kindly deeds they do,
Of the little acts of kindness
Which they do for me-for you,
Tell about the hours of watching,
Through the night with you in pain,
Of the words of cheer and courage
When your struggles all seem vain.

Let us talk about our neighbors;
In the home or at our work,
Where the conversation’s cheerful
Or where germs of envy lurk,
Let us talk about our neighbors,
But let’s be as neighbors should-
Let’s not talk about their failures-
Let us talk of something good.

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