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Dowry for a Bride
Delivered By
Pastor John E. Koonce
Delivered On
November 27, 2016 at 12:30 PM
Central Passage
John 3:16
God's Love

I preached this sermonfor the first time back in the 1980's after reading a short story in the Reader's Digest entitled "Johnny Lingo's Eight Cow Bride". HimselfThe Lord led me to preach how He loved us so much He gave the ultimate dowry-Himself. I have given my notes to other ministers to preach and it was even reported to me that my sermon was on the radio; exactly the ay I had preached it, but by another preacher. I am flattered, but no preacher has truly preached an original message. This powerful gospel has been preached for 2000 years and we preach the same message with different words. 

I have never preached this message the same anytime. I do believe it will be a blessing to you. Pass the word along and please feel free to record it for yourself. May God bless you.


Pastor John Koonce

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