• Pastor John Koonce and First lady Lisa Koonce
  • Gibson City Pentecostal Church


The past year has been a challenging year at best, but, as always, our mighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ, has brought great things to our congreagation. Pastor John Koonce continues to have frustrating physical ailments, but Pastor's Assistant Rev. Kevin Cadman has been blesse and annointed with a powerful ministering spirit. Others under his leadership have stepped up and we see wonderful signs taking place.
It's important to note that we are not elevating individuals here; we are lifting up our miracle working God for the powerful Holy Ghost services He has given us.
Christians are praying, maybe like theey haven't prayed for awhile. Consequently, every service feels so annointed and people are being saved.
There is a call ringing out in our world today to reconsecrate and rededicate and serve God with all our hearts, mind and soul. Signs all around are screaming, "Jesus is coming back so soon. Get ready!"
The Church needs to be red-hot on fire for God right now. Christians in America and around the world are being attacked and many christians have quit believing like the used to.
The only salvation is through Jesus Christ.
We have 2 new books available for purchase. Both are written by Bishop Bob Koonce and are easy reading and applicable to taday's living. They are; Understanding Revelation, a commentary of the book of Revelations; and The Name Above Every Name, A Study of the Tetragrammaton. These books are availble through Amazon by going to that website and typing in Bob Koonce or you can contact us and we can send your order plus cost of mail delivery.


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    – 8:45 AM to 9:15 AM
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  • Teen Youth Group
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Book For Sale: Tetragrammaton; The Name Of God? by Bob Koonce

A newly revised edition of the critical expostion of the four Hebrew consonants, YHVH, entitled "The Name Above Every name" is now available on Amazon for $8.50. It will soon be available on Kindle as well. Bro. Koonce has studied for many years on the name of God and you will be blessed to have a copy of this book in your library. It is not a lengthy book, as it only has 80 pages. It is a detailed book that reveals the name of God is JESUS not YHVH or Jehovah, Adonai or Elohim. Go to amazon.com and type in Bob Koonce which will bring the book to your computer screen to be purchased.