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The following is a poem written by Bishop Bob Koonce. Please feel free to use the poem but remember to give proper recognition to the writer.

How Blessed I Am

I stood and gazed from my mountain,

It rose gradually lofty and high;

I surveyed the path I had come,

To this position in my sky.


The path rose steep amd rugged,

Many ascents I hadn't made alone;

But I remained constantly assured,

Each step led me nearer home.


I'm tired, but I not wasted;

I'm old, but I'm not dead.

Many acquaintances have folded and quit,

But I'm determined to trod on ahead.


Why, I could have been in a coffin,

With a stone at my grave's head,

But my God still uses me, 

So, my direction is still full speed ahead.


Life is lovely if it's not wasted,

And we try to help our fellow man;

I still want to make a difference,

And to that end, dedicated I am.

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