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10 of Sudan's 162 people groups have Christianity as their primary religion, and 130 have Islam as their primary religion.
Appeal of the Gospel
Delivered By
Evangelist Jason Michael Hood
Delivered On
February 3, 2017 at 7:30 PM
Central Passage
John 12
Revival Services Gibson City

First night of Revival services at the Gibson City Pentecostal Church. Saturday Feb. 3, 2017. Evangelist Jason Michael Hood is a down home, practical intelligent man of God. His style of speaking reaches through every demographic in the church. I missed his first preaching last year and when  I returned I was inundated with requests to bring Bro. hood back to preach. I am thrilled to know this good man and his wife. You will be blessed as you listen to this message, ' The Appeal of the Gospel.' 

Pastor John Koonce

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