February 13, 2017, 12:19 PM

Glorious Weekend

Oh surely the Lord smiled on me this weekend. I have often ministered concerning God's healing power. I'm not just referring to physical healing, although certainly He has revealed His amazing miracle power. But God is interested in our well-being emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and relationship matters also. Many individuals know a bit about the past 10-12 years without knowing many of the details. Sometimes terrible misunderstandings in a person's motive happen and lack of communication cause strife and division even amogn men who deeply care for one another. Sometimes the divide becomes massive and threatens to end a fellowship.

Well, I will not pont fingers at anyone and lay the total blame on them. My actions were instrumental in causing the rift. 

Let me not dwell on that because #1 it's been healed! Praise God! #2 People love juicy stories especially where Christians are involved. LOVE prevailed! 

My Christian brother is going through great travail and I am privileged to pray for him; to stand beside him as he fights this fight of his life. I am proud to say we stand together for the cause of Christ, both of us very regretful that this period of time was wasted. Lost never to be regained.

I praise God for His power, for His healing. He is so good to me.

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